Best things to do in Madagascar

We offer you the best things to do in Madagascar: Trekking and Hiking, Diving, Kitesurfing, Fishing, Whale watching and Birdwatching.


The entire island Parks and Reserves present a breathtaking opportunity for birdwatching, but here are the most exceptional ones:

  • – Ankarafantsika National Park “The birds kingdom ” (129 species including 75% endemic)
  • – Marojejy National Park (118 species of which 81% are endemic to Madagascar and neighboring islands; 64% are forest and endemic)
  • – Andohahela National Park (129 species of which 65% are endemic)
  • – Baly Bay/ Namoroka National Park (122 species with 55 waterfowl species )
  • – Mantadia National Park (117 species including 63% are endemic)
  • – Ranomafana National Park (115 species with 5 Malagasy families of which 77% are endemic)
  • – Special Reserve Ankarana (113 species)
  • – Tsimanampetsotsa National Park (112 species including 5 Coua species among the nine existing ones)
  • – Zahamena National Park (109 species including 67% endemic)
  • – Analamazaotra National Park (109 species and 3 land rollers species)
  • – Lokobe National Park (103 species including nearly 17 endemic species)
  • – Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park (103 species)
  • – Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve (102 species and 43 families of which 63% are endemic)
  • – Masoala National Park (102 species of which more than 60% are endemic)
  • – Zombitse Vohibasia National Park (about sixty species including 47% endemic to the island, 24% endemic to the region and one local endemic species)


For walking and trekking lovers in high mountains, several extraordinary sites are offered to you:

  • – Marojejy National Park (Marojejy Summit)
  • – Andringitra National Park (Pic Boby)
  • – In the Antsirabe Region and its surroundings (Manandona, Ambohiponana, Ibity summit…)
  • – The Capital and its peripheries (The 12 sacred hills, the Upper Town, Angavo…)
  • – Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park(The Tsingy and their peaks)
  • – Ankarana Special Reserve (Tsingy Rary, stalactite and stalagmite caves)
  • – Isalo National Park (Canyons and natural pools)
  • – Amber Mountain National Park (Waterfalls and Amber summit )
  • – Masoala National Park (Fauna research and the Ambodiforaha village)
  • – Zahamena National Park (Lake Alaotra)
  • – The 3 bays of Diégo Suarez (Sakalava Bay, Pigeon Bay, Dunes Bay)
  • – Nosy Komba (island tour and Ampangorina village visit)
  • – Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve (Visit of the Reserve)


Being an island, Madagascar is bordered by a dazzling sea as far as the eye can see and very rich in colorful marine biodiversity. The most spectacular sites are:

  • – Nosy Tanikely Protected Area (uninhabited island rich in varied marine fauna) intended for scuba diving, snorkeling, apnea and deep-sea diving enthusiasts
  • – Nosy Be neighboring islands (Nosy Iranja, Nosy komba, Nosy Sakatia…)
  • – Antsiranana or Diégo Suarez (Emerald Sea, Sakalava Bay, Nosy Hara…)
  • – Masoala National Park (The Marine Park)
  • – In our cruises (North: Radama and Mitsio archipelago… / South: Mangily, Nosy Andrano and Nosy Dondosy, Assassins Bay, Nosy Andriamiatoraka…)
  • – In our exclusive stays (Anakao, Ifaty, Ankasy, Salary, Ambatomilo, Andavadoaka, Nosy Be, Sainte Marie, Nosy Ankao, Nosy Tsarabanjina, Nosy Ankazoberavina…)


Rich in thrills and adventures, accompanied by professionals perfectly mastering their sectors in the fishy waters of Madagascar, a fishing session with all the appropriate equipment (trolling, longline, jig, casting lures or popper …) will leave you with intense memories engraved forever.

The fishing period is from March to December, but the most privileged is from April to June and from September to December.

Many fishing areas exist on the island, the ideal is generally in the Northwestern part, among the best:

  • – Majunga (in Antsanitia)
  • – Nosy Be (Nosy Komba, Mitsio Archipelago, Radama…)
  • – Antsiranana or Diégo Suarez (Courrier Bay, Diégo Bay, North of Amber Cape…)
  • – Sainte Marie (North, North-West, West coasts…)
  • – Tuléar (Anakao, Ifaty, Ankasy, Salary, Ambatomilo, Andavadoaka…)


Every year from June to November, humpback whales migrate off the warm waters of Madagascar to mate and give birth. Whales can be seen from August to November and whale sharks from October to December (300 whale sharks counted in the Nosy Be area).

The East, North-West, South and South-West coasts are the most favorable spots to admire closely these impressive marine mammals. Included in our tours (stays and cruises) here are the best places for this majestic humpback whales spectacle:

  • – On the East coast: Sainte Marie, îlots aux Sables and Antongil Bay (Masoala)
  • – On the Northwest coast: Nosy Be, Nosy Sakatia, Majunga….
  • – On the Southwest coast: Anakao, Ambola, Ankasy, Salary, Ambatomilo, Andavadoaka…
  • – In the extreme South: Fort Dauphin and Sainte Marie Cape