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Car Rental Madagascar: 4x4, 4WD and others

Car rental - Are you looking for a comfortable car for your trip to Madagascar? We offer you a wide range of vehicles according to your needs

We are your best allies to provide you with a wide range of vehicles (4, 7, + 12seats) according to your needs and expectations. We are also at your disposal to advise you on the type of car that will suit you best, taking into account the passengers’ number as well as the chosen destination. What could be more reassuring than entrusting yourself to a professional in the business to guide and direct you during your journey:
– Whether for a simple transfer from the Airport to your Hotel or vice versa
– Or for a daily rental in town
– Or for a tour to discover different regions of the island
We provide you with the best possible cars to ensure safety and comfort so that you can enjoy your stay.

Proof of our attention to your safety, we do not allow our vehicles to drive at night (except in very exceptional cases).

An experienced driver service is at your disposal for your stay in Madagascar. Your driver’s remuneration is already included in the price, but if his dedication and his quality of service pleased you, you could offer him a gratuity in return.

Concerning the fuel, two possibilities are offered to you in order to facilitate the realization of your trip:
– The fuel is already included in the price which we propose to you
– Or, “full to full” (we give you the car full of fuel and you return it to us in the same condition) 

So do not hesitate to contact us to rent your car!