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Combined Southern and Northern Madagascar Tour

The highlights of this combined Southern and Northern Madagascar tour: Isalo National Park, 3 Bays of Diégo, Ankarana Special Reserve, Nosy Be beaches.

In this combined Southern and Northern Madagascar tour, discover the contrasting landscapes of the RN7, Diégo Suarez and Nosy Be. Travel through the essentials of this combined Southern and Northern Madagascar tour: Ranomafana National Park, Amber Mountain, Zafimaniry Art and relax on the paradisiacal beaches of Nosy Be, Nosy Komba or Nosy Iranja.

Combined Southern and Northern Madagascar tour

Price from €… per person

Duration: 19 days / 18 nights

Itinerary : Antananarivo – Tuléar – Ifaty – Ranohira – Fianarantsoa – Ranomafana – Antsirabe – Antananarivo – Diégo Suarez – Joffreville – Ankarana – Ankify – Nosy Be – Antananarivo

− Isalo National Park: Ruiniform massif of continental Jurassic geomorphology and endemic rock vegetation (Aloes, Euphorbia, Pachypodes, Kalanchoe…) as well as rock reptiles, avifauna, primates…
− Ranomafana National Park: A dense humid forest of low and medium altitude, plant and animal species such as Pandanus, Varecia, Crayfish, Limnogale Mergulus
− Discovery trip in arts and cultures: Zafimaniry arts, the famous photographer Pierrot Men’s studio and the RABESANDRATANA Oceanographic Museum
− Amber Mountain National Park: Both National Park and Special Reserve, several lemur species (crowned lemur and the red microcebe), Brookesia, birds and nearly twenty amphibians
− Ankarana Special Reserve: The largest underground network in Africa, composed of Tsingy Rary, the stalactites and stalagmites caves
− White sandy beach and turquoise water of Ifaty and Nosy Be with its neighbouring islands (Nosy Komba, Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Iranja) as well as the 3 Bays of Diégo Suarez
− Discover the best attractions in this combined southern and northern Madagascar tour 


Depending on your booking date, a warm reception and a nice meeting will be reserved for you at Antananarivo airport. Transfer to your hotel to prepare for the next day’s adventure!

On the way to make memories!   

Night at hotel.


Depending on the domestic flight schedule, transfer to the airport for a flight to the “Sunshine City”.

Arrival in Tuléar, welcome at the airport and transfer to Ifaty. Rest of the day free.

Night at hotel.

  Day 3. IFATY

Day of free activities or idleness according to your desires.

Night at hotel.

  Day 4. IFATY – TULÉAR (RABESANDRATANA Oceanographic Museum) – RANOHIRA

The day will start with a visit to the RABESANDRATANA Oceanographic Museum which presents the richness of the Mozambique Channel seabed. You can discover corals, sponges, shells, turtles and fish as well as mollusks reflecting the maritime heritage of Madagascar’s southern region.

Continuation to Ranohira.

Night at hotel.


Visit of the Isalo National Park which represents a unique ecology within the Madagascar National Parks network. The Isalo National Park contains a ruiniform massif of continental Jurassic geomorphology and endemic rock vegetation (Aloes, Euphorbia, Pachypodes, Kalanchoe…).

The specific fauna of this exceptional habitat is largely endemic (rock reptiles, avifauns, primates…). Isalo is the Colorado of Madagascar, an open window on southern biodiversity.

Night at hotel.


Back on the road towards the Capital of the Betsileo Country: Fianarantsoa.

You will be amazed along the way by small craft markets and contrasting landscapes between architecture and nature.

Arrival in Fianarantsoa, visit of the “Labo Men” where the famous photographer Pierrot Men’s amazing and authentic works are carefully exposed. You will be immersed in a black and white world but with a look full of colour.

After the visit, drive back to Ranomafana while admiring the changing landscapes’ contrast along the way.

Arrival in Ranomafana, transfer to your hotel.

Night at hotel.


The day will be dedicated to the visit of Ranomafana National Park containing a dense humid forest of low and medium altitude, a bamboo forest, a swamp where plant and animal species such as the Pandanus, Varecia variegata variegata, Ecrevisses, Limnogale Mergulus choose as habitat. The Park alone represents the biodiversity of the Eastern Rainforest. 

Night at hotel.


Departure to reach Antsirabe passing by Ambositra formerly called “The city of roses”. It is the capital of the territory “Zafimaniry” and especially a city of art, culture and crafts (master of Madagascar’s marquetry). It is worth visiting this city to acquire a know-how in craftsmanship.

Visit the craft stalls selling Zafimaniry wood sculptures, furniture and the famous marquetries testifying to the creativity and mastery of this very special art. After having been enriched by these different cultures, back on the road again to Antsirabe.

Night at hotel.


We make a short stop at Ambatolampy, a small town typical of the Highlands region, located a few kilometers of the Ankaratra massif. It is known for its foundries, for the manufacture of copper, aluminum articles and utensils.

Back on the road passing by Behenjy town to taste its famous local foie gras known as the best in Madagascar. It is also known for its «menakely»: very tasty rice fritters. You will also taste tasty sausages and roasted chickens with local spices. Behenjy is a true gastronomic city.

Arrival in Antananarivo at the end of the day.

Night at hotel.


After breakfast, transfer to the airport to fly to Diégo Suarez (Antsiranana).

Arrival at Arracahart airport, transfer and installation at your hotel.

Night at hotel.


The adventure in Northern Madagascar continues with an excursion to the 3 bays: Sakalava Bay, Pigeons Bay and Dune Bay.

Sakalava Bay is known throughout the Indian Ocean and is considered one of the most beautiful spots in Madagascar. It is closed by a 2 km long and 1 km wide barrier reef, ideal for beginners in surfing. Its bay beaches are equipped to offer you the best comfort: sun loungers, umbrellas and beachvolley grounds will allow you to relax with the sea breeze.

Pigeons Bay, surrounded by a forest, is home to many endemic bird species. The site is known to travelers for its very relaxing environment. This place full of serenity is accessible via the bay of Sakalava. Continuing towards the Dunes Bay, you will recharge your batteries with birds’ songs.

And finally, Dunes Bay is a popular excursion destination in the Antsiranana region. It is easily reachable on foot by the village of Ramena or from the bay of Sakalava. The bay boasts 4 kilometres of beach where you can visit the remains of historic military buildings. Walks in the surrounding area will delight young and old, and especially birdwatching lovers because the site is home to several bird species.

You will go from enchantments to enchantments through the magnificent panoramas of these bays where you will end up at Ramena beach.

Night at hotel.

  Day 12. DIÉGO SUAREZ – JOFFREVILLE (Amber Mountain National Park)

One more day to discover the first National Park of Madagascar: Amber Mountain. Both Land National Park and Special Reserve, this site is covered with a dense dry forest to the East, a dense humid forest to the West and a dense mountain forest at the top with a very high endemism rate (like precious woods: Dalbergia chlorocarpa and the Caniarium Madagascariensis). Several lemur species are listed, including the Crowned Lemur and the Red Mouse (the smallest primate in the world).

The park also contains other species such as the Brookesia (the smallest chameleon on the planet), birds and nearly twenty amphibians. It is a veritable biological diversity melting pot in a small practically accessible area.

Night at hotel.


Departure to discover the famous Red Tsingy. At about an hour’s drive, you will find yourself in a world of red color stemming from a truly incredible natural phenomenon with a decor that will leave you perplexed as the color shades change according to the day time.

Resuming the road to Ankarana.

Night at hotel.


After a good night’s sleep, departure to immerse yourself in the largest underground network in Africa. The Ankarana Park resembles that of Bemaraha, also composed of spectacular Tsingy (Lapiaz) in a dense deciduous dry forest formation. You will discover unique places: the Rivers loss, the Turrets of the Tsingy, the Tsingy Meva, the Tsingy Rary, the sacred lake, the canyons, the botanical trails, and the caves of stalactites and stalagmites.

The whole day will be dedicated to this escape into a whole new world.

Night at hotel.


Drive to Ankify port and board the boat to reach Nosy Be island. Welcome at the port, transfer and installation at your hotel.

Night at hotel.


This day will be dedicated to the discovery of Nosy Be islands neighboring: Nosy Komba and Nosy Tanikely.

Nosy Komba «Lemur Island» is a 15-minute boat ride from Nosy Be. It is the 2nd main island of the Nosy Be archipelago, home to many lemurs considered sacred by the island inhabitants.

Then continuation to Nosy Tanikely « The small land island » recognized worldwide for its remarkable marine and terrestrial biodiversity. You can dive into translucent water and observe a multitude of fish swimming among the corals.

Back to Nosy Be.

Night at hotel.


This day will be dedicted to the seaside activities of Nosy Iranja «Turtle Island». It is composed of two islets: Nosy Iranja Be and Nosy Iranja Kely, these two pieces of land are connected by an immaculate sandbar of about 2 km. At low tide you can enjoy this incredible place but be careful not to be surprised when the tide rises. You will discover a lush rainforest with exceptional marine flora and fauna. In addition, you can see many sea turtles coming to lay their eggs at nightfall. With a little luck you would witness the birth of some. Back to Nosy Be.

Night at hotel.

  Day 18. NOSY BE

Day of free activities or idleness according to your desires.

Night at hotel.


Transfer to Nosy Be airport to fly to the Capital for your international return flight.

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