Good reasons to choose Temea Tour Madagascar

Choosing the best Tour Operator to organize a trip to Madagascar is essential. Here are 10 good reasons to help you choosing Temea Tour.

  • 1. Security

One of our priorities is your safety. Temea Tour provides you with a friendly, expert and sociable driver throughout the tour. We advise you on the basic attitudes to adopt during your trip to ensure a courteous exchange with the local population and to keep pleasant memories. Indeed, it is necessary to respect the local inhabitants, their customs, their cultures, their religions and their ways of life.

Be careful not to behave in a provocative manner, remain attentive to what is happening around you and do not venture into places not foreseen in the program and always refer to the driver or guide advices.

  • 2. Quality of service

Our goal is your satisfaction. We offer you listening, advice and availability:
Before the trip: answers as soon as possible for a quote or for any other information you need.
During the trip: transfers, transports, accommodations, meals and assistance.
After the trip: Temea Tour will always remain at your disposal to advise you and above all to inform about the latest news in the tourism sector in Madagascar.
We are very attentive to all your remarks as they allow us to improve our services positively and continuously.
The service providers with whom we work are people selected on the quality, security and trust basis, sharing the same values as us.

  • 3. Creativity

This is the interest of our services. As a Tour Operator, we are constantly looking for new ideas or themes for travel, activities, destinations and new concepts to give you satisfaction and to provide you with good memories.

  • 4. Respect 

Respect is the basis of all relationships. It is an art of living that embellishes our premises on a daily basis but it is also perpetuated in the field, proving the efficiency and mutual joy of adopting this positive attitude. For Temea Tour, showing respect is an important act especially towards: clients, service providers, colleagues but also a mark of elegance while associating this act with the environment and heritage preservation.

  • 5. Value for money

We offer you the best price with the best services because Temea Tour’s goal is to promote Madagascar and especially integral tourism (solidarity, sustainable, fair and responsible). To allow any traveller to visit the island, all our tours are carefully studied to be flexible and customizable according to your desires, your needs and your budget. In addition, we guarantee secure payment.

  • 6. Visions et missions

We will make Madagascar the most coveted, attractive and unmissable destination.

Temea Tour will serve as an economic development lever for Madagascar and even for Africa.

  • 7. Values

Trusted professional, integrity, passion and responsibility

  • 8. Advices above all

Temea Tour is at your entire disposal for any questions you may have about travelling to Madagascar. All information about your trip will be communicated to you in time. This is the reason why we exist to give you full satisfaction.

  • 9. Eco-responsible

The environment is a key element in everything we maintain. It is also a human life pillar and a major tourism ally. Contributing to its preservation and sustainability is an honour as we are spreading this initiative on every trip while at the same time making people discover our country’s rich biodiversity.

  • 10. Assistance

To make your trip more enjoyable and safe, we will assist you and will be at your disposal 24/7. We will put our professional and personal values at your service to manage unforeseen problems at the last minute. You can count on Temea Tour to be there for its customers