Mandrare River Camp Madagascar

For an adventure off the beaten track, come to Mandrare River Camp. Discover endemic fauna and flora of Madagascar with Malagasy culture.

Mandrare River Camp is located off the beaten track, in the remote South of Madagascar, 3 hours from Fort Dauphin (Tolagnaro). Nestled in the shade of tamarind trees on the Mandrare River banks which is the region driving force; and supporting the Antandroy village of Ifotaka and its sacred ancestral forests, the camp offers exclusive access to one of the most unique ecosystems in the world. Discover this rare and important environment up close; immerse yourself in Madagascar’s biological and cultural diversity.

Charming tents combine the authentic charm of the bush with upscale accommodation comfort. Each site offers a breathtaking view of the Mandrare River and helps create the perfect space to relax after an exploring day of the most unique and remote places in Madagascar.
As the sun rises over the mountains, the distant singing of Antandroy women as they fetch water from the river welcomes you for a new day at Mandrare River Camp.

If you are interested in this exclusive stay in Mandrare River Camp, please contact us for the best services

− Mandrare River Camp is an eco-luxury accommodation
− One of the most unique ecosystems in the world
− Immersion in the Antandroy culture
− Encounters with Madagascar endemic fauna and flora (lemurs, chameleons, birds…)

7 tents carefully composed of:
− Individually hand carved furniture representing a unique and indigenous wildlife theme of the surrounding area
− A large and beautiful terrace that allows you to sit comfortably outside and have private meals
− A fully equipped bathroom with pressurized hot running water
− One king size bed with mosquito net
− A cupboard and a luggage compartment
− A hairdresser
− Bedside tables with lighting
− Solar lighting 24/24
− Due to our distance, there is no WIFI and poor telephone reception

Relax after a discovery day with a delicious three-course dinner on the Mandrare River banks. Watch the sunset from your tent, then follow the soft glow of the hurricane lanterns along the prepared path to the open dining room. Enjoy a drink around the campfire and share dinner with the camp host and other guests or, if you are looking for a little privacy, have dinner brought to your terrace for a more intimate experience. The camp will be happy to have fresh coffee and tea delivered to your room.

Each morning, you will find a fresh continental breakfast in the main dining room with seasonal fruit, pancakes, eggs and delicious pastries.

In between activities, a revolving barbecue of chicken, beef and sausages with salads and freshly baked bread on the side are served.

End the day with a wonderful three-course meal in a beautiful dining room by the river. Only the freshest and finest Malagasy products are used, mixed in the French way by excellent Chefs.

The camp is happy to take into account all food preferences, allergies and dietary restrictions and is always happy to organize special occasions when planning and preparing meals with all the camp beverages including imported wines and spirits.

All Mandrare River Camp activities are individually adapted and guided to your needs.
− Rise with the sun and spend a morning in search of rare and endemic birds and diurnal lemurs
− Or wait until sunset to walk through the thorny forest in search of microbes and chameleons
− Life and traditions discovery of the Antandroy people
You will always be guided in your days by exceptional and professionally trained English or French guides.

NB: All these proposed activities by Mandrare River Camp can be booked and planned in advance according to your request. Please, let us know your choices.