Masoala Forest Lodge Madagascar

For an authentic rainforest experience in Madagascar with your local Tour Operator, Masoala Forest Lodge is the perfect natural environment.

Nestled between pristine rainforest and coral-rich sea, accessible only by boat, this hotel has been designed as an ecological haven. Ideal for an intimate experience in this unique environment with all the various species to give an adventure and conservation sense.

Here, the beaches stretch for miles and the sounds of a forest teeming with life will send you into a blissful reverie every night.

The spectacular rainforest-covered peninsula on Madagascar’s Northeast coast forms the backdrop to Masoala Forest Lodge, a luxurious outpost lost in time and nature… a place to relax, explore and connect with the natural world in all its primordial splendour.

Masoala Forest Lodge is not only a lodge in a rainforest, but also an authentic experience, an interactive journey of information, education and inspiration, the lodge is a haven of peace.

If you are interested in this exclusive stay in Masoala Forest Lodge, please contact us for the best services

− Masoala Forest Lodge is in the middle of nature with a beautiful sunset over the forested mountains
− The warm, coral-rich waters of the Tampolo Marine Reserve
− Masoala National Park: Maki vari roux, Nepenthes masoalensis, Eurycère de Prevost, Aye-aye, Phaner furcifer, Mésite unicolore, Effraie de sumagne, various species of palm trees…
− Nosy Manga Be Reserve / Tampolo Reserve / Farankaraina Tropical Park / Navana Village

Masoala Forest Lodge is accessible only on foot or by boat, with a maximum capacity of only 14 people, the seven thatched tree houses are raised on wooden platforms on stilts, to offer an unobstructed view of the forest canopy and the sea and allow visitors to discover the forest from the lemurs and birds’ point of view.

This undergrowth elevation is also luxurious and maximises privacy and natural ventilation on all sides.

The restaurant deck is spectacularly situated on the rocks overlooking the sea, with sea panoramic views and the wooded coastline with its alternating golden beaches and sculpted rocks, the fish below.

This deck provides a venue for breakfast, private dining, tea time with a muffin, scone or cake every day between 4.30 and 5.30 pm, drinks or simply a place to relax and enjoy the unrivalled view. It is also a fantastic place to watch humpback whales.

− Walks
− Primary rainforest – classic or extensive
− Kayaking recommended
− Coastal exploration
− Kayaking around Nosy Ndraindra (sacred island)
− Kayaking on the Mangrove River
− Learning about Malagasy culture: meeting the local people in Ambodiforaha/ visiting the village of Ambodiforaha
− Basket weaving
− Visit to Tampolo river or waterfall
− Masoala Forest Lodge (MFL) private reserve – swimming in the river
− MFL private reserve: green / red / blue / yellow / orange circuit
− Night walk
− Whale watching by boat
− Whale watching by kayak
− Yoga
− Sunset cruise
− Massage
− Day trip to Cape Masoala
− Day trip to Antalaviana
− Beach fire

NB: All these proposed activities by Masoala Forest Lodge can be booked and planned in advance according to your request. Please, let us know your choices.