Miavana Time and Tide, Luxury Hotel Madagascar

Stay at a 5-star Luxury Hotel in Madagascar. Sink your feet into the pearly sands of a private island: Miavana Time and Tide.

During your stay in Miavana Time and Tide, you will be offered luxury in the world of nature. Dive your feet into the pearly sand of a secluded island sanctuary where you can enjoy the soft jasmine in the breeze while admiring a thousand shades of sparkling turquoise.

Escape somewhere between paradise, a fairy tale and a dream.

If you are interested in this exclusive stay in Miavana Time and Tide, please contact us for the best services

− Miavana Time and Tide is the most luxurious hotel in Madagascar (5٭), luxury design
− Indian Ocean view and direct access to the beach from each villa
− Helicopter safari in the North of Madagascar
− Lemur Treks, snorkeling, scuba diving
− Manamphao Island visit

In all villas of Miavana Time and Tide, every detail is carefully designed to create the ultimate luxury experience. The one, 2 and 3 bedroom guest sanctuaries offer ample space (minimum 450m²), a private pool overlooking the sea, a comfortable living room, butler service and a well-equipped kitchenette.

Each villa has an additional bathroom and a desk, which can be converted into a children’s room. From your villa, explore the island using the free bicycles and electric buggy.

A masterpiece of luxury, the natural elements of sea, sand and air meet with elegance through inspired textures and interiors that celebrate the island’s extraordinary setting.

The hand-dyed textiles reflect the infinite shades of turquoise shimmering in the ocean view. Hand-cut local stones in the colour of shells accentuate the walls and the unique turret shower, evoking shipwrecked luxury at its best.

The bay windows offer a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean just a few meters away.

Indulge your senses, delight your taste buds.

The culinary team of Miavana Time and Tide creates exquisite meals that combine the finest local ingredients with world-class expertise.

Created to savour the seasons and delight the palette, every meal is a celebration.

Whether you dine under the stars, in the privacy of your villa, on the beach or in the elegant cave, impeccable service completes the experience.

The expert sommelier and bar staffs will hand-pick the perfect wines to accompany your meal, or carefully craft a cocktail just for you. You can also choose to enjoy your drink at the beach bar, on the rooftop terrace or on the beach campfire.

− Visit the nearby island of Manamphao, one of the largest tern nesting sites in the Indian Ocean (June to October)
− Helicopter tours to neighbouring Nature Reserves
− Dolphins, manta rays, whales watching…
− Spa treatments in the villa (pamper yourself with organic products)

− Trekking in the forest
− Lemur trekking and guided walks in the nature
− Snorkeling, scuba diving at Nosy Ankao
− Kayak, fly fishing, deep-sea fishing, paddle, kite-surfing, wind-surfing, water skiing…
− Electric buggy, bicycling
− Boat cruises

NB: All these proposed activities by Miavana Time and Tide can be booked and planned in advance according to your request. Please, let us know your choices.