The Regions of Madagascar and their particularities

Discover a summary of the 23 Regions of Madagascar with their respective specificities and tourist attractions.

Located between the Indian Ocean and the Mozambique Channel, Madagascar is the 5th largest island of the world. With an area of 587 295 km2 full of several tourists assets and original intertropical environments from North to South and East to West specifying the regions of Madagascar. The island is surrounded by 4 800 km of coastline with heavenly beaches. All these attractions make Madagascar an essential tourist destination.


THE HIGHLANDS of Madagascar are a mountainous region. The capital «Antananarivo» is a part of this region.

Also known as Imerina, Antananarivo means «The city of thousand». It is the gateway to Madagascar and the starting point of several tours. It is very rich by its cultures, in historical monuments witnessed by the Rova «Sacred Hills», the place of Andohalo, the temple of Ambonin’Ampamarinana…

Take a hike to discover the capital and its peripheries.

You will find the know-how of the artisans who will arouse your curiosity, from the Antananarivo artisanal markets passing by Ambatolampy (manufacture of articles and implements made of copper and aluminium) to Ambalavao (Zafimaniry art, Antemoro paper, silk workshop). The Highlands are also known for their culinary specialties including the famous foie gras, menakely, roussette…

EASTERN Madagascar is known for its biodiversity and subequatorial climate. It is a green world promoting green tourism and nature tourism. It is the perfect habitat for different species (lemurs, chameleons, butterflies, etc.) which are easy to observe in the Peyrieras Reserve, in Andasibe National Parks (Mantadia and Analamazaotra), and in the dream nest: Ankanin’ny Nofy.

The East also rhymes with relaxation either in the paradise island of Sainte Marie for its authentic fine sand beaches and the whale safari from July to September, or for a discovery cruise on the Pangalanes Canal.

THE NORTH, one of the regions of Madagascar, offers beautiful activities and unique sites making it a dream destination. It is a magical place for a panoramic hiking especially in the famous 3 bays of Diégo Suarez, in Amber Mountain and Ankarana National Park and in the Red Tsingy.

The beautiful beaches of Ramena, the Emerald Sea, of Nosy Be and its neighboring islands are paradise places of relaxation, diving, snorkeling, kitesurf…. We will never tire of discovering such beauties.

Renowned for its cultures of different spices and mainly vanilla, the North region is the island’s green lung as it gathers almost all of Madagascar’s primary forests visible in the Lokobe Nature Reserve.

THE WEST, also one of the regions of Madagascar, is mainly known for its large lapiaz «Tsingy of Bemaraha», and then by the inevitable descent of the great rivers (Tsiribihina and Manambolo) while discovering contrast of landscapes and many species: caves, natural pools, birds, lemurs and crocodiles, without forgetting the famous Baobab Alley and the Baobab in Love.

The town of Majunga is in the northwest, also known as “The City of Flowers”.

Majunga or Mahajanga is the capital of the Boeny region, it is a port and cosmopolitan city where the sun is always at the rendezvous. Several sights to discover: Ankarafantsika National Park, the Caves of Anjohibe, the Protected Area of Antrema, the Red Circus…. 

SOUTHERN Madagascar is almost a Sahelian region, a real escape destination. A nature rich in endemic and wild species (animals and plants) is represented in Isalo and in Zombitse Vohibasia National Park, in Antsokay Arboretum and in the small island of Nosy Ve. Beautiful white sand beaches and lagoon green sea are also at the rendezvous in Ifaty, Anakao, Salary, Andavadaoka, Saint Augustin… for relaxation or diving.

The southern part of the island is an escape destination.