Southern Madagascar Tour : From Tana to Tuléar

This Southern Madagascar tour will take you to a region where good weather awaits you all year round. Discover the Isalo National Park, RN7.

The Southern Madagascar tour will guide you to the Sahelian region. Discover the essentials of this Southern Madagascar tour: Ranomafana National Park, Anja Reserve, Sahambavy tea, Antemoro paper…

Southern Madagascar Tour

Duration: 12 days / 11 nights

Itinerary : Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana – Fianarantsoa – Ambalavao – Ranohira – Tuléar/Ifaty – Antananarivo

− Ranomafana National Park: A dense humid forest of low and medium altitude, plant and animal species such as Pandanus, Varecia, Crayfish, Limnogale Mergulus
− Isalo National Park: Ruiniform massif of continental Jurassic geomorphology and endemic rock vegetation (Aloes, Euphorbia, Pachypodes, Kalanchoe…) as well as rock reptiles, avifauna, primates…
− Visit of the Tritriva Lake, the tea plantation “Sahambavy” and the Mahitasoa vineyard
− Anja village reserve discovery: dry forest, eucalyptus, orchids, catta lemurs, chameleons, snakes and birds
− Discovery of Sarodrano, Nosy Ve, Reniala Reserve, Saint Augustin and relaxation in their respective environments
− Discovery trip in arts and cultures: Zafimaniry arts, Antemoro paper
− All the best attractions of this Southern Madagascar Tour


Depending on your booking date, a warm reception and a nice meeting will be reserved for you at Antananarivo airport. Transfer to your hotel to prepare for the next day’s adventure!

On the way to make memories!   

Night at hotel.


On the way to the National 7 passing by Behenjy town to taste its famous local foie gras known as the best in Madagascar. It is also known for its «menakely»: very tasty rice fritters. You will also taste tasty sausages and roasted chickens with local spices. Behenjy is a true gastronomic city.

Then back on the road and stop at Ambatolampy, a small town typical of the Highlands region, located a few kilometers of the Ankaratra massif. It is known for its foundries, for the manufacture of copper, aluminum articles and utensils.

Continuation towards Antsirabe «The city of water».

Night at hotel.

  Day 3. ANTSIRABE (Tritriva Lake)

Antsirabe meaning «Salt city» is a city rich in mineral salts that has valued its name, and also the industrial and agricultural capital of Madagascar. It should be noted that it is one of the coldest places in the Highlands in winter.

Getaway in a peaceful and paradisiacal « Tritriva Lake » of an opaque green color, 18 km from Antsirabe. Volcanic origin, it represents the shape of Madagascar and occupies the top of Mount Tritriva with 60 meters depth. This lake is at the same time called «Sacred and mysterious lake» because the guardian of this place delivers to the visitors that when a major event is going to happen in Madagascar, the lake becomes red.

Then return to Antsirabe.

Night at hotel.

  Day 4. ANTSIRABE – AMBOSITRA (Zafimaniry arts) – RANOMAFANA

Morning departure from Antsirabe to reach Ambositra, formerly called «The city of roses». It is the Capital of the «Zafimaniry» territory and above all a city of art, culture, and crafts (master of Madagascar’s marquetry). It is worth visiting this city to acquire know-how in crafts.

Visit of the artisanal stands selling Zafimaniry wood sculptures, furniture and the famous marquetry testifying to the creativity and mastery of this particular art. After being enriched by these different cultures, back on the road to Ranomafana.

Night at hotel.


The day will be dedicated to the visit of Ranomafana National Park containing a dense humid forest of low and medium altitude, a bamboo forest, a swamp where plant and animal species such as the Pandanus, Varecia variegata variegata, Ecrevisses, Limnogale Mergulus choose as habitat. The Park alone represents the biodiversity of the Eastern Rainforest. 

Night at hotel.

  Day 6. RANOMAFANA – FIANARANTSOA (Sahambavy Tea Plantation and Mahitasoa Domain) – AMBALAVAO

After breakfast, return to the Capital of the Country Betsileo: Fianarantsoa. A short detour to the “Sahambavy Tea Plantation” (27 km) to discover the stages of tea production.

Fianarantsoa is also known for its famous bats being a typical dish of the region. You would have the opportunity to taste some.

We continue the visit to Mahitasoa Domain (13 km South) which is a vineyard plantation. You will also have the opportunity to taste some.

Night at hotel.

  Day 7. AMBALAVAO (Antemoro paper and Anja village reserve) – RANOHIRA

The day begins with the Antemoro Paper’s discovery making made from the bark of the «Havoha» tree, a region endemic species. The large zebu market of Ambalavao is also to be discovered. The market does not take place every day but only on Wednesdays throughout the year.

Continuation of the adventure to the Anja village reserve (10 km South of Ambalavao) containing a dry forest located at the edge of granite mountains called “The Three Sisters”. This reserve has a varied flora: eucalyptus, orchids and many species which are used for medicinal purposes. The Anja Reserve fauna consists mainly of Lemurs catta, chameleons, some snakes and birds.

After this little escapade, we take the road to Ranohira «The Colorado of Madagascar» while contemplating a magnificent sunset.

Night at hotel.


Visit of the Isalo National Park which represents a unique ecology within the Madagascar National Parks network. The Isalo National Park contains a ruiniform massif of continental Jurassic geomorphology and endemic rock vegetation (Aloes, Euphorbia, Pachypodes, Kalanchoe…).

The specific fauna of this exceptional habitat is largely endemic (rock reptiles, avifauns, primates…). Isalo is the Colorado of Madagascar, an open window on Southern biodiversity.

Night at hotel.


After a night of relaxation, we take again the road to reach Tuléar or Ifaty city while admiring landscapes contrasts and massifs throughout the road.

Transfer to your hotel and afternoon lazing on beautiful beaches.

Night at hotel.

  Day 10 and 11. TULÉAR/IFATY

Free days. However, several activities and excursions will be proposed by your hotel. In particular: 

  • – Discovery of the Sarodrano peninsula, a desert habitat with shifting sand dunes, a cave tour and swimming at “Sarodrano”.
  • – Discovery of the “HONKO” forest, a forest at the foot of the sea.
  • – Discovery of the natural swimming pool “Andoharano” where you will see a source of pure and crystalline mineral water.
  • – Excursion to the Natural Reserve of Nosy Vé Island which is the only place in Madagascar where you can find Phaetons or straw tail.
  • – Excursion to Saint Augustin where you will still find shards of sub-fossil eggs of the extinct giant ostrich “AEPYORNIS MAXIMUS” which lived in Madagascar several thousand years ago.

– Visit of the “Reniala” reserve which is home to 6 of the 8 Baobab species existing in the world.

Night at hotel.


Depending on the domestic flight schedule, it is possible to take a city tour, especially to taste the local dishes and the famous ice cream of the region.

Then transfer to the airport to Antananarivo.

And international return flight.

End of Temea Tour services.

EXTENSION: This tour can be extended from Tuléar to Ambatomilo (with Mikea National Park discovery) for 3 more days. Please consult us.

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