Traditional Malagasy Boat Cruise

With your Tour Operator, go on a Traditional Malagasy Boat cruise. Admire the most beautiful landscapes of Madagascar from Majunga to Nosy Be

Discover paradisiacal sites via this Traditional Malagasy Boat cruise. You will see a variety of small islands and breathtaking landscapes. Your Traditional Malagasy Boat cruise will be rich in adventure.

Duration: 13 days / 12 nights

Your cruise stages : Antananarivo – Majunga – Marosakoana – Cirque Rouge – Baie de Moramba – Nosy Lava – Antany Faly – Nosy Berafia – Ambatofotsy – Ambariomena – Nosy Be

NB: This traditional Malagasy boat cruise is offered as an indication, you will sail at the rhythm of your journey without really following a precise itinerary. Sailing times are approximate and will depend on the direction and the strength of the winds. Program subject to weather conditions, tides, and of course, according to your wishes.
You will experience an extraordinary adventure, each day will be a moment of discovery and wonder rocked by the greatness of nature and what it has to offer.

You will sail aboard a dhow entirely made with traditional tools by Sakalava carpenters. Its construction, without any preliminary plan, required several years of work during which nothing was spared to make it the most beautiful dhow in the region.
At 16.50m long and 5.05m wide, everything on board was designed to take exotic dreams of discovery beyond the norm.
Six crewmen, enormous space, African woollen carpets, chiselled trays and copper teapots, comfortable cushions, huge wooden pulleys and thick ropes make up the daily décor of a dhow trip, in the generous shade of an immense cotton canvas.

If you are interested in this traditional Malagasy boat cruise, please contact us for a free quote

− Migratory cruise on board a traditional Sakalava dhow
− Magnificent and paradisiacal landscapes new discovery from Majunga to Nosy Be (pachypodiums, parrots, lemurs…)
− The Radama archipelago and its surroundings
− A trip rich in adventure
− Variety of small islands discovery in the North of Madagascar


Depending on your booking date, a warm reception and a nice meeting will be reserved for you at Antananarivo airport. Transfer to your hotel to prepare for the next day’s adventure!

On the way to make souvenirs!

Night at hotel.


Transfer to the airport and flight to Majunga.

Arrival at the city of flowers, reception at the airport then transfer to your hotel.

Night at hotel.


You camp on a beach, in a superb estuary, near a fishing village. The first pachypodiums appear as giant bonsais. Pirogues and dhows surround you with their immense sails in a ceaseless sweep.


You disembark at the edge of a vast red circus and ochre earth sculpted by erosion. In front of you, a fairy-tale world unfolds. You stroll in this uninvited universe (especially from 3 pm because the dewy and golden light of the sun gives to this unusual site exuberant reliefs worthy of another planet.


You camp on a sandy beach with grains as big as coarse salt. You are framed here by a scenery that can be even more surreal than the red circus. On “Tsingy” (fossilized coral massifs) stand incredible euphorbias and baobabs with generous and extravagant shapes. The cries of the parrots resound permanently, kites also in the sky, lemurs undoubtedly, always curious when there are visitors. And always, Madagascar, unpredictable and superb, making you see some other images of men and women, boats, boosted pirogues, faces, sounds and silences. And these fossil islands with their unique vegetation. You sleep tonight in a vegetal and mineral sanctuary.


Change of scenery, you are in a limestone landscape and the end of a fossilized corals world. Here, large supple hills with low vegetation and white cliffs on the edge of turquoise water. The French administration built here in 1908 the most famous penitentiary in Madagascar. Closed since 1999, this abandoned site retains the “charm” of another time on the edge of a superb beach, in a legendary calm bay. Contemplation of this apparently harsh nature from which many poems flow.


You reach the Radama Archipelago and land on a paradisiacal island, Nosy Antany Faly, a vast turquoise lagoon, extraordinary colours as one dreams of, white sand, limpid spring, fresh water shrimps, and lush vegetation, at last, that begins. It’s beautiful, it’s beautiful, but oh how beautiful it is!


Happy to settle down for a while, enjoy Antany Faly between swimming, snorkeling and walks on the accessible summits of this endearing island. Climb grassy slopes whose scattered aloe and mango tree bouquets place our imagination confused between Africa and Mexico… the panorama is grandiose and troubling.


After a very early dawn, you go to Nosy Berafia (45min), the largest island of the Radama Archipelago (2500 ha). The Southern half is covered with more or less abandoned plantations (coffee, pepper, ylang-ylang, chilli), themselves dominated by large shade trees. Discovery of enormous and frugivorous bats, green pigeons, intoxicating perfumes, the Commander’s colonial house of this ex-concession and a large village. Everything to plunge you into an exotic and colonial charm of the 1920s. Diving on a site that is still different and very rich. Visit of an old and small bush distillery. Discovery of this astonishing island on foot.


We leave the Radama islands to get closer to “La Grande Terre” a little further North. We disembark in an uninvited village. It is a village which also houses the traditional residence of the region’s Prince as well as a kind of temple with relics. Discovery of a traditional Sakalava village not influenced by tourism. Landscape, once again, splendid. We are in a very green universe of forests, from hill to hill, with oases of raphias that shelter the water of this region. Everything seems immense as far as the eye can see. And these beaches are only bordered by the tropical vegetation here.


You reach a sort of Malagasy fiord, as quiet as a lake, bordered by small orange sand beaches at the foot of a primary forest. Here, pink and green dominate the blue; it is splendid. You camp on a tongue of sand at the primary forest level.

In the afternoon, if the tide allows it, you go up an arm of the sea which sinks for several kilometres into a network of mangroves. The water becomes thinner and thinner in the middle of this tangle of surrealist mangroves… Life, however intense, is discreet… Almost everything is a nursery…. Everything is strange, fragile. The twilight adds another note of charm to this place which has seen galleons, dhows and schooners resting for centuries in the hollow of its meanders.


You have the whole day to get to Nosy Be. You don’t have to hunt or fish today, and you will mostly try to enjoy a particularly rich and accessible coral site along the way. You can also stroll along an immense white sand beach of a still new kind. Aperitifs and tapas, as usual, liven up the hot hours of the day before hoisting your heavy cotton sails one last time.

The singing of the ropes, the landscape, the creaking of the pulleys under the huge yard, the cotton sails….. everything, as if by magic, brings you back to the mists of time… for a few more hours. Quietly pushed by this delicious afternoon wind, you land on Nosy Be in the lights of the setting sun, around 17h pm then disembark and transfer to your hotel.

Night at hotel.

  Day 13. NOSY BE

Transfer to the airport according to the return flight schedule.

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− Transfers airport-hotel-airport in Antananarivo
− Transfers airport-hotel/hotel-port in Majunga
− Transfers port-hotel/hotel airport in Nosy Be
− Dhow rental with crew
− Half board accommodations in Antananarivo, Majunga and Nosy Be
− Full board during your traditional Malagasy boat cruise
− Palms masks snorkels, sledge rods
− Vignettes and tourist taxes

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